Which path you chose will either allow you to experience peace and contentment or leave you feeling so overwhelmed as you struggle with feelings of frustration, doubt, anger, sadness, anxiety, shame, guilt, fear or hopelessness. You are not broken, in need of fixing. Instead, you are deeply hurt, in need of care. By identifying with some of these emotions you may feel unsure of what to do next, rest assured you are not alone. Many have felt the same but have found more efficient ways to heal through seeking help in the search for the cause.

After nineteen years of experience, I can say that you are not alone in your challenges; especially, when life hits you out of nowhere, and you feel you are barely holding on, or when you are tired of fighting just to get through the day. You don't have to struggle by yourself. By being supportive, non-judgmental, collaborative, and caring, I will help you gain insights and develop skills to not just cope with your circumstances but assist you in a breakthrough that will last a lifetime.

My goal is not only to help alleviate feelings of anxiety, trauma, anger, and fear but to resolve these symptoms by motivating clients to a place of healing where peace, restoration, and hope for the future are not only experienced but lived out.

Using clinically tested and evidenced-based interventions, I have worked in-depth with all ages throughout my counseling career. My training equipped me in identifying, treating mental health and addiction disorders as well marriage and family issues. I also provide faith-based Christian counseling upon request.